HJB - Your Trusted Biologics CDMO Partner

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HJB - Your Trusted Biologics CDMO Partner


Production cell line development

We use CHO-K1 host cell and proprietary, systematically optimized in-house vector system for high speed, high efficiency production cell line development. We provide services covering from gene sequences to Master Cell Bank (MCB) and Working Cell Bank (WCB), including gene optimization and vector designing, transfection, stable pool development, single cell cloning and screening, stability analysis, and cell banking.

Our cell line development platform has the following features

  • Fast: We can establish high titer stable pools in 4-6 weeks for protein material generation and single cell cloning. Typically we finish the entire process of DNA to MCB in about 6.5 months.

  • High productivity: Our typical antibody stable pool titers are above 1 g/L. Our typical antibody clone titers are about 3~6 g/L.

  • Stable: More than 50% of our clones meet the stability requirements for 2000L production.

  • Regulatory compliance: Animal component-free reagents, medium, and consumables are used. We also use single cell imaging equipment to document the cell division and growth during the single cell cloning process to provide the monoclonality evidence required by regulatory agencies.

Cell-line development process