HJB - Your Trusted Biologics CDMO Partner

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HJB - Your Trusted Biologics CDMO Partner


HJB was founded by an experienced team spanning the fields of protein, process and manufacturing sciences. We aim to break the scientific and technical hurdles inhibiting patients' access to life-changing biologics therapeutics.

HJB employs an integrated leading technology platform capable of substantially accelerating R&D process and reducing cost for speedy commercialization. We offer our clients complete, flexible and reliable development and manufacturing services for the entire lifecycle of their biologics product from research, preclinical, IND to all clinical phases and commercial production.

Leadership Team

We are a group of people with passion and experience for developing innovative medicines to serve patients around the world.

Xichen ZhangPhD

General Manager, CDMO

30 years' experience in pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical industry. Previously Angiotech, Zeneca, Supergen, Mannkind and Amgen. PhD. at QU.

Frank YePhD

Head of Technical Operations

> 25 years' experience in pharmaceutical production management, quality system and supply chain. Previously Schering-Plough, GSK, Amgen. PhD at UNC.

Chris HwangPhD

Head of Platform Technology

> 30 years' of experience in CMC development, technology transfer / scale up, manufacturing & regulatory support. Previously Genzyme and Sanofi. PhD. at MIT.

It is our mission to deliver each and every CMC package with world-leading Quality-Reliability-Speed!
Our Journey


First successful GMP batch delivered.


First clinical supply delivered



First successful MNC IP protection audit


First NMPA IND approval



First GMP run with Perfusion process delivered


First FDA IND approval



Frist 2000L GMP Run with IFB Process Delivered


First FDA IND Approval by Perfusion Process


Frist DP line delivered


Frist process change amendment application approval


Client intellectual property protection is the core value and lifeline of our CDMO business. We have established a comprehensive IP protection system based on software and hardware, including file encryption system, project file authority management, multi-level cell bank access control, etc. We carry out regular training, establish a good sense of protection and "zero tolerance" attitude among all employees and managers to maximize the protection of your IP rights.

Xueming Qian

Co-Founder & CEO

Dr. Qian has over eighteen years of industrial antibody discovery and development experience. Before starting MABSPACE, Dr. Qian was Senior VP and Head of R&D of Shenogen Pharma Group from 2010 and 2012; a Beijing-based biopharma company developing ER-a36 based anti-cancer therapies. From 1997 and 2010 Dr. Qian worked at Amgen as principal scientist and led multiple project teams to discover novel antibody therapeutics for the autoimmune diseases and metabolic disorders (bone and kidney). He is the leading inventor of multiple antibody patents. Dr. Qian graduated from Fudan University and completed his graduate studies at Columbia University and Albany Medical Center. He is a member of Antibody Society, International Society of Nephrology and BayHelix.